Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Strike A Pose Part Two

As promised, another photograph of me in a kilt, taken outside Bec & Bob's flat in Glasgow.

The photographer was fellow Australian party animal and music fan, the lovely Ms. Nat Clark. We were supposed to be striking a 1970's male fashion catalogue pose which Henry (the best man, the dapper chap on the right) and Bob (the groom, centre) have pulled off with aplomb. Me, I went 'huh?', and hastily copied what Bob was doing, having just stepped out the front door and not quite knowing what was going on, which explains why I'm aping Bob's pose and don't have a suitably serious, impassive-male-model-type-expression on my face.

A minute or two after this picture was taken Bob and Harry got into their chauffer-driven mini to head off to the church and Nat and I headed back into the flat. A minute after that there was a knock at the door. The mini wouldn't start, and I was needed to help push-start it. Weddings are mad! Happily though, everyone got to the church on time. Except the bride, who was stuck in traffic for 25 minutes. Talk about making the groom sweat!

So, there you have it folks: Richard resplendent in a kilt. Hot, or not? Answers on a postcard of a giant merino/crayfish/banana/ludicrous object of your choice. Alternatively, I will grudgingly accept answers using the comments button below...


David Prater said...

yeah, you're hot.

Gemnastics said...

If I were you I'd go to Glasgow for a re-shoot, this time shielding your eyes from some imaginary sun and looking fascinated by something in the distance. Or have one leg up on a chair and rest an elbow on your knee.